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Flexible Modular Accommodation

Equestrian Buildings Specifications

Outbuildings, Equestrian Buildings, Flexible Modular Accommodation

Walls: 12mm top quality imported tongued and grooved weatherboard on 75 x 38mm framing.

Sarking Roof: Roof constructed with trusses at 600mm centre’s covered with sarking and heavy duty mineral surface roofing felt. Overhang to front 1140mm and 200mm at back, under eaves fascias fully lined.

Onduline Roof: Roof trusses at 1830mm centres with 75 x 38mm purlins and corrugated onduline, complete with under eaves and fascia. The onduline roofing systems has good insulations properties which deadens external sounds like rain and comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee of 10 years. Onduline is available in black field green, brick red and brown.

Guttering: Deep flow guttering is available any building at an extra cost.

Interior: 1220mm 18mm thick plywood kickboards supplied and fitted round all walls and to rear of door. Full height kickboards are available at an extra cost.

Doors: Stable door complete with anti-chew strap galvanised crook and band hinges and galvanised kick over bolts.

Base: A concrete base with a single course of brick or block is suggested. A site visit thereafter will be arranged.

Fixing: All units will be fixed to the base using through bolts by us on erections.

Customised Buildings: Dog kennel, timber office, smoking shelter, bin store, log store.

Specifications are subject to individual requirements. Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss these requirements.

Relocatable Buildings

Relocatable building are easily transported and installed quickly and efficiently with a minimum of disruption.

Each unit is fitted with jacking/stacking legs. When operated by a hydraulic jack this facilities loading and unloading at site.

Individual units may be close-coupled for use in a variety of applications, such as office blocks, mess rooms, canteens, sports changing classrooms and laboratories. When no longer required units are easily dismantled and re-sited individually as required.

Units arrive complete and ready for use connect the services and move in.

For more details please contact us.


Timber treatment options available are Red cedar, chestnut, golden brown, holly green and rich mahogany.

Onduline roofing colours available are:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Red
  • Mineral Felt

Shingles at an extra cost.